About Us

The Institute for Indigenous Education in Ethiopia (IIEE) is a non-profit organisation established for the study, promotion and protection of indigenous knowledges in Ethiopia. It seeks to address the alarming destruction of indigenous knowledges, languages and cultures of some of the most impoverished societies, communities and groups of the world. In Ethiopia, indigenous knowledges have been undermined due to the adoption of a western education system and the use of English as a medium of instruction from high school through to university. Currently, IIEE supports students in limited number of indigenous schools in Ethiopia through the provision of learning materials. It also facilitates research and publication in the area of indigenous literature, and organises events to raise awareness about the significance of indigenous knowledges and the challenges they face.

In the long term, IIEE envisions the creation of an independent academic institution that will teach students indigenous knowledge from elementary to advanced levels of study. IIEE seeks to promote research in local languages especially in Amharic, the national language of Ethiopia. We also recognise the importance of doing research and publishing in English in order to contribute genuine scholarship to the world regarding Ethiopia’s indigenous knowledges. However, we firmly believe that education and knowledge production should be undertaken using local languages. We hope our endeavours will contribute to dialogue towards changing the education system in favour of indigenous knowledges. We also believe Ethiopians and other researchers interested in critical and indigenous knowledge will benefit from our contributions.

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